• Monday (4/9)
  • Tuesday (4/10): 5.7 miles, 9:26 min./mi., 63:50 – ran 6 miles – garmin was off
  • Wednesday (4/11): probably nothing. wah-waaaah
  • Thursday (4/12): 3.13 miles, 10:08 min./mi., 31:41
  • Saturday (4/14): 12.06 miles, 11:00 min./mi., 2:12:44

i’m so bad at updating this and it hurts my heart!!!

i remember that the 12 mile run was pretty great. it was supposed to be a really hilly/confusing run through the presidio that i had intense anxiety about, but thankfully it was changed to be a run on embarcadero into hunter’s point.  i felt like it went by pretty quick and i recall feeling pretty strong after the run.  i tend to psyche myself out before long runs, but thankfully i kept it together during this one.

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