Monday (7/16): 3.03 mi., 9:18 min./mi., 28:09

Tuesday (7/17): nothing

Wednesday (7/18): track

Thursday (7/19): 2.88 mi., 10:35 min./mi., 30:30

Saturday (7/21): 8.33 mi., 10:55 min./mi., 1:30:58

sometimes, i don’t really think of myself as a “runner.”  i feel like a n00b.  i still feel new to this. even though it isdamnhard, it is fun. and fun is important.

fun is what matters.  why would i wake up when it is still dark outside to go running if it wasn’t fun?

why would i spend up to 4 hours with people if i didn’t truly like them?

and why would i do something that made my legs hurt so. bad. if in the end, it wasn’t fun?

it’s crazy to run 26.2 miles.  i read somewhere that only 1% of the population has done that.  that is a 1% i want to be part of.

what i’ve learned is that there will be good runs and bad runs.  the good ones always overshadow the bad ones, but you can’t prevent the bad ones. some days your legs are going to feel heavy. or maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.  whatever the case, it is bound to happen and there is no sense in getting caught up in the sucky feelings.

the good feelings are what matter. at least for me. they are why i do this to myself.

man. 2 more days.

i like to think of this race as the victory lap - i’ve put in the time and all the hard work. now it’s time to run the crap outta this city. :)

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